some fragments of bass performance

played by Yasushi Ozawa

This CD is the only "solo album" by Yasushi Ozawa who was the bassist of Fushitsusha. Yasushi passed away on Feb.2, 2008, aged 50.

Recorded on July 30, 2000 at Bunkyo Civic Hall studio, Tokyo using a Studer mixer and four DAT recorders.

DISKDIG mixed and mastered (without any compression) the resulting recordings, and received permission from Yasushi to release them on CD. However he was very modest, and insisted that the CD could only be released after his death.

Yasushi Ozawa's spirit lives on in this CD. Please listen.

Total time : 41 min 55 sec
track : 13

Price : 25 USD, 20 Euro, 15 GBP (includes shipping)

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