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Do you want to know the another side of music? Most of people think we can find all of music on the rack in some big music stores. Is it true? We don't think so. In the music stores, there are only commercial music.
But then, too many exelent musicians who don't ride on commersialism exist whole of the world. Their music called as "maniac""core" or etc. In such minor misic, you may discover "real sound".
Now we appeal that Good music is Good and Soil is just Soil even if it was the gold disk.
In this page we try to intorduce non-commercial musicians and their sound to you. If you have interest in, please contact to given mail address.
This is the first trial of English page for us. If something wrong please let us know. Thank you!

OVER EAT / Himitsu-King
Released in 1999
20tracks / 31min15sec

Released in 2001
14tracks / 12min24sec


These two utits of "MOSHROOM" and "Himitsu-King" have big achievement in Osaka's undergroud scene so long time. As you may know Osaka is the second big city in Japan and Osaka has a different cultures from Tokyo. We guarantee their sounds are "of Osaka, by Osaka, for the world".

The member of these utits are partly the same. So we sell as 2CD set. CDs are pressed CD, not CD-R (at this moment). Price is about 42USD included shipping. Please note the price will be changeable by the exchage rate and your world postal zone. We accept your paying with JPY, USD, EURO and UK Pound.

They call their own sound as "Nonsense pank". Yes we may agree. However please consider "nonsense" doesn't mean "have not sense". They have their own ultimate sense. Once you hear their sound you will understand what we say. If you don't know Japanese language, it's no problem. Sound express all.

The album of "Himitsu-King" has 14 tracks and recording time is 12min24sec, It's not incorrect. The value of sound doesn't depend on recording time. Himitsu-King condensed perfectly their entire performance into this short time. In other word this album consists of just essence of their spirits.

These CDs are not in store even in Japan. DISKDIG madate above two disks, though if you want these CDs please contact directly their manager Mr.Arima (he also plays drums on both utits) of Then you may get a detailed information. Ex "how to send money".

Please listen their music!

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